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Build With Us Blog Intro

Welcome, EVERYONE to Working Knowledge's first blog post! My name is Shane and I have been a Cosmetologist, and a member of the Creative Service Industry, for 15 years. I am currently an Area Leader and manage 8 salons. I also spent 7 years of my career in education and miss it dearly. Ever since, I have been seeking an outlet for my hunger for education and this blog will nourish that part of me that desires to pass my knowledge on to others.

There will be two general topics that this blog will focus on that are intended to help you grow as a Creative, and increase your income. Those topics are:

  1. Industry Education-Working Knowledge focuses on assisting all the wonderful people in the Creative Service Industry. Those industries are, Cosmetology, Barbering, Esthetics, Manicuring, Floral Design, Interior Design, & Tattooing. "Industry Education" posts will focus on soft skills such as; customer service & interpersonal skills. "Industry Education" posts will also feature industry experts from all areas of the Creative Service Industry. They will provide industry specific tips as well as general knowledge that will appeal to all Creatives.

  2. Employment Tips-You can have all the education and experience in the world and still preform poorly at an interview or not be chosen over another applicant simply for not standing out. "Employment Tips" posts will focus on areas such as; interview do's and don'ts, employer follow up tips, seeking the right job for you, and general tips for finding your dream job in your area of the Creative Service Industry.

No matter what level or area of the Creative Service Industry you belong to, the "Build With Us" blog will provide you access to a community of professionals to either learn from, or share your expertise with. Our community here at is an inclusive community. Anyone from students to seasoned veterans of the Creative Service Industry will be able and encouraged to, comment, share, question, advise, and learn!

Start with a great foundation

If you are reading this blog then you have the desire to grow yourself within your industry. I challenge you to start off every work week with deciding to learn something new, and find a new way to challenge yourself. If you do this I am confident you will grow within your craft, improve your outlook on life, and in turn you will find yourself making more $.

Learning something new can be difficult. You must consciously decide to have an open mind and then actively seek out knowledge. I live my life by this simple phrase, "Live and learn". With that mindset engrained within you, you will view the world as a classroom. You will naturally take every obstacle that comes your way or hardship you face as a learning experience. You will never be a slave to troublesome happenstances, but a master of your destiny.

If you are to succeed in your mission to grow and improve yourself, you must start your weekly challenges off small. Once you have set the habit, then it is time to slowly increase the difficulty of your challenges. I have been challenging myself either weekly or daily for a few years now. I have grown from challenging myself to just simply make it through the day, to more life altering challenges such as; getting married, having a family, starting a new business, growing a community of Creatives and passing along what I have learned. You have all the power and motivation you need to succeed, you simply have to pull it out and start using it!

Get out there and succeed!

I look forward to the challenge that this blog brings me and I cant wait to see the community grow! I am confident we will all learn together.

I challenge you to start your journey towards a better you today!

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