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"Our mission is to build and educate the best teams in the Creative Service Industry"

Working Knowledge has over 15 years of Creative Service Industry experience and is here to serve Salon, Spa, and Shop owners, as well as Creative Individuals. We proudly serve the San Antonio, Austin, and Hill Country areas of the great state of Texas! Explore our website and enjoy!

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What We Do


Build Creative Teams


Educate Creatives


Maximize Potential

As stated in our mission, we want to build and educate creative teams. We also want to maximize individual potential by providing job placement and employment education for those creatives seeking employment.


Deliver Results

We are dedicated to delivering you results whether you are a business owner or an individual Creative. We will do this by maintaining communication, building beneficial relationships, and growing towards perfection.

By offering recruiting and job placement services, Working Knowledge will assist you with building your team!

Our education services are tailor-made for creatives. We offer in person classes, as well as an educational blog.

Who We Are

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This photo is of our Lead Educator and Recruiting Specialist Shane Lowe.

Shane Lowe
Lead Educator & Recruiting Specialist

Shane is Co-Owner and is in charge of WK's education and employment services. He works hard to create valuable training courses that he can teach to creative teams, as well as writes the Bi-monthly blog "Build With Us". He seeks out employers to work with to place creatives in their ideal job sites and recruits directly for salons, spas, and shops. 


With his 15 years of Cosmetology experience behind the chair, 7 years as an Instructor and Dean of Education, and 5 years of job placement and recruiting, he has a lot of expertise to pass on to fellow Creatives, as well as insider information to assist Salon, Spa, and Shop Owners with their hiring and training needs. Shane's top priority is to use his skills in education and networking to build relationships with local employers so that WK may better serve the Creative Service Industry.

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This photo is of Brook Lowe, our Digital Media Manager.

Brook Lowe
Digital Media Manager

As Co-Owner and Digital Media Manager, Brook puts her stamp of approval on anything and everything media. She runs all of WK's social pages and posts, and has the final say in all visual aspects of the business. Brook is also a fantastic editor and works hard on the "Build With Us" blog to ensure quality posts.


Brook is a natural Creative and has an eye for beauty and perfection. She is a wonderful photographer & painter, so designing and color scheming come easy for her. WK's design and over all feel is due to her creative spirit and passion.


Outside of WK, Brook is a Financial Aid Officer for a cosmetology school. She is great with numbers and financial management. She is also a full time mother to a son, and two cats. She is a dedicated and loving mother to all three.

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Shane and Brook got married on May 4th, 2021 and have worked together on many creative projects. As a team they are a force to be reckoned with, and plan to take the Creative Service Industry by storm and provide the valuable pieces of education that are lacking in today's schools. Aside from education, employment for all Creatives that want it is their mission.

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Free Educational Blog

Working Knowledge offers an educational blog. You will need to sign up to be a member of our site to view the blog but the great news is, it is completely free! Sign up with your email and create a password, no credit card or personal information needed.

The "Build With Us" blog is all about helping you be the best creative you can be. Blog posts will be on the first and third Monday of every month.